The Best Chairs To WFH In — According To Comfy Butts

If your head, shoulders, lower back, and butt aren't currently killing you, then you're probably reading this from the comforts of a supportive seat — and following the uncrossed-legs, 90/90 rule like a posture pro. The transitional road to working remotely has had its bumps, and one that we're currently still navigating is physical body support. To help us win the battle against eventually throwing our backs out while WFH, we went on a virtual quest for the top-rated desk chairs stamped with reviewer-comfort seals of approval.

Ahead, the bestselling ergonomic buys that are structured to rescue your tight hips and sore butt bones from their sad sunken-in couch cushions or questionably-old mattress fates. We found everything from the no-frills options that will make you feel like you're back in-office again (seems almost nice at this point, no?) to the fancier styles that will fit right in with your farmhouse decor — and even an insanely tricked out seating situation chosen by hardcore gamers.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Zipcode Design Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Best For: Overall Support
This brightly-hued office chair — with a breathable mesh fabric, adjustable heights, angles, swivels, and tilts, plus a curved back and contoured seat for ultimate lumbar support — says, "ergonomic, but make it flashy!" (If you don't want to make it flashy, it comes in black, white, and gray options, too.)

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars and 3,496 reviews on Wayfair

Comfy Butts Say: "It was a bit of gambling to buy a chair online without trying and paying for international shipping. Luckily it's a bingo after a long searching! Very comfortable, the right size, curves, firmness, armrests, adjustments, great back support for me. Well manufactured without short cuts. Stylish, nice cheerful color, smart, and ergonomic construction. Happy with this purchase. Thank you. Pros: Durable finish, stylish design, easy assembly, great value especially when on sale, cheerful color. Cons: None."

Zipcode Design Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair, $, available at Wayfair

Joss & Main Office Chair

Best For: Stylish Support
While this chair is not quite as ergonomic as the previous option, it is decidedly more stylish — while still offering solid lumbar support, back-angle adjustment, center-tilt capabilities, and properly aligned armrests.

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars and 628 reviews on Joss & Main

Comfy Butts Say: "This is a great looking chair at a good price (I did a lot of shopping around!). It is also quite comfortable. I sat in the same chair at work for 13+ years and my back, shoulders, and neck were constantly hurting. I recently started working from home and using this chair and I never have back, shoulder, or neck pain anymore."

Joss & Main Office Chair, $, available at Joss & Main

Wrought Studio Penkridge Conference Chair

Best For: Budgets
This contemporary desk chair is pretty straightforward in terms of streamlined style, but it still packs adjustable capabilities from wheels to a swivel seat and height all for under $100 buckeroos.

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars and 1,369 reviews on Wayfair

Comfy Butts Say: "Comfortable and strong. As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time at my desk and have dealt with back pain before. This chair has great support while still looking minimalistic. I’d definitely recommend it!"

Wrought Studio Penkridge Conference Chair, $, available at Wayfair

Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Stool With Back

Best For: Spine Alignment
For firmer support that comes tattoo-artist approved, this stool-style wheely chair is your WFH savior — its upright design mimics the natural shape of your spine for increased comfort.

The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 2,924 reviews on Amazon

Comfy Butts Say: "I'm a tattoo artist, so I spend all day sitting in these types of chairs. I was looking for something fairly inexpensive but comfortable and sturdy. Most tattoo chairs run from $150-300 dollars — bought this one for $55 bucks and it's perfect for what I do. Comfortable large seat. Nice back support. Glad I found this on here. Good price."

Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Stool with Back in Black, $, available at Amazon

Serta Leighton Task Chair

Best For: Supporting Butts & Decor
If you're looking for butt support, but still concerned with style, this blush-hued beauty has your number — its elegantly crafted frame with chrome finished accents still packs the ergonomic power of Serta's comfort memory foam in the seat and arms rests, 360-degree swivel capabilities, and adjustable height.

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars and 1,216 reviews on Wayfair

Comfy Butts Say: "I love this chair. It looks beautiful and makes my places look more cozy and elegant at the same time, the fabric is decent and soft. The cushion is comfortable. I am glad we bought it. I couldn't be happier with my chair. Again super comfortable!!!"

Serta Home Leighton Task Chair, $, available at Wayfair

Modway Ripple Mid-Back Office Chair

Best For: Small Spaces
This sleek armless style is the streamlined solution for small-space butt support that still looks modern chic.

The Hype: 4.9 out of 5 stars and 28 reviews on Bed Bath & Beyond

Comfy Butts Say: "After reading so many positive reviews on the chair, I decided to order it for myself and I’m happy I did. The chair is well constructed, very comfortable, and terrific quality. The chair is not bulky and works really well in the area where my desk is in my spare room. It came well packaged and was easy to assemble."

Modway Ripple Mid-Back Office Chair, $, available at Bed Bath and Beyond

Joss & Main Mila Task Chair

Best For: Petite People
This short-back and compact style wheely chair garnered high praise from work-from-homers on the shorter end of the height spectrum.

The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 1,014 reviews on Joss & Main

Comfy Butts Say: "This chair is really comfortable. I'm 5'2, so the back is perfect for me but might be uncomfortable for someone really tall. It was extremely easy to put together."

Mila Mila Task Chair, $, available at Joss & Main

Homall Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Task Chair

Best For: Gamers
This one's not for the lighthearted seat shopper. The serious gamer-approved chair with over 11,000 reviews is crafted from high-density shaping foam that provides lumbar support, 360-degree swivel capabilities, multi-directional wheels, a 300-lb weight capacity, reclining functions, and a built-in headrest. You may never leave it.

The Hype: 4.3 out of 5 stars and 11,389 reviews on Amazon

Comfy Butts Say: "I don't really game anymore, and watching playthrough videos of classic DOOM for old time's sake doesn't count, LOL. I bought this chair because I needed to invest in something ergonomic with good back and neck support, due to a pinched nerve in my lower neck. After several iterations of gradually breaking a cheap-wad swivel desk chair every couple years, I sprung for the kind of chair gamers use for long periods of sitting and upper body movement. No more rotating the base to the right angle so I'm not leaning sideways, and never quite getting it right. No more backaches from leaning forward in a low-backed chair, or not being able to lean back and see the screen. (I also added an external display at eye level for my MacBook.) The lumbar support is like nothing I have ever experienced! This chair was easy to assemble, and the parts include the very few tools you will need. The only controls are for height and recline, so it's nice and simple, with fewer moving parts to break. And the armrest height seems about perfect."

Homall Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Task Chair, $, available at Amazon

OFM High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best For: Non-Gamers Who Want Serious Support
If you want gamer-level body support but without the game style, let this mom-approved option serve you — it comes crafted with a high-back, ergonomic racing frame made from durable and padded bonded leather.

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars and 694 reviews on Walmart

Comfy Butts Say: "I really wanted this chair a couple of years ago but did not have a home office that I really needed it for. My oldest son ended up buying it on sale for himself last year and it is still going strong (he uses it a LOT). We ended up getting the same chair for our other kids and my husband and I — since we are now working from home. Plus, with all the color options we each have our own color so nobody can say so-and-so took my chair. (Yes, we have kids! LOL!) As a note, I have severe back problems in my lower back and I can sit in this chair for 8-10 hours a day with no problem. :)"

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, $, available at Walmart

Corrigan Studio Brister Swivel Side Chair

Best For: Anti-Wheelers
Not all desk chairs come tricked out with wheels. If you're looking for a stationary piece that will blend from office to living room, then this incognito swivel style is here to support you.

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars and 54 reviews on Wayfair

Comfy Butts Say: "Now that I'm working from home full time, I needed a chair that provided me with better back support. I'm so glad I did! It provides me with the back support that I need. I also like the fact that it swivels. I'm 5'9 female and found the chair comfortable, too."

Corrigan Studio Brister Swivel Side Chair, $, available at Wayfair

Armen Living Summer Dining Chair

Best For: Secret Desk Chair
Wanna hear a secret? This "dining chair" is actually a rookie desk chair — built with a hidden swivel capability and sturdy bucket-seat design that is ready to support your WFH booty in MCM-style.

The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars and 383 reviews on Amazon

Comfy Butts Say: "This chair hit all the points for what I was looking for in setting up my office in this quarantine/work-from-home world: 1) it is stylish, 2) it arrived quickly, 3) it was so quick to put together, 4) it didn't break the bank, and 5) it's comfy and I have somewhere to rest my arms. Overall, I highly recommend especially if you find yourself creating an at-home office on a whim/budget."

Armen Living Summer Dining Chair, Blue, $, available at Amazon

OSP Home Furnishings Star Deluxe Banker's Chair

Best For: Firm Support
If your work ethic is directly impacted by your work environment, then this sturdy wooden swivel chair will whip your right into studied librarian-style shape.

The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 6 reviews on Kohls

Comfy Butts Say: "The chair looks great: sturdy, perfect size (did not want an overwhelming desk chair), classic."

osp home furnishings Star Deluxe Banker's Chair With Vinyl Seat, $, available at Kohls

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