The Best Crystals To Use During A Full Moon

If you're a believer in crystals, bring out your collection tonight — it's a full moon (a Super Flower Moon, to be precise), and their powers will be extra strong.

"Since each of the twelve zodiac signs is ruled by one of the seven traditional planets, each full moon will carry the energy of the crystal that relates to the planetary ruler of that particular sign," explains Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and "For example, when the full moon is in Aries, it calls us to connect with crystals that hold the energy of Mars, and when the full moon is in Taurus, we can access the energy of Venus, its planetary ruler."

We asked Montúfar to tell us what crystals to keep close by during the full moon that falls in each zodiac sign.

(Note: Each month's full moon doesn't necessarily fall into that month's zodiac sign. For example, tonight's Super Flower Moon falls in Scorpio, not Taurus. A site like can tell you what sign each month's moon is in, so you can choose the right crystal.)

Aries: Red Jasper

Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet known for its warrior-like energy, says Montúfar. Red Jasper is empowering and uplifting; it will help us channel Mars's courage and endurance.

ConnectCo Red Jasper Palm Stone, $, available at Etsy

Taurus: Rose Quartz Crystal

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, says Montúfar. That makes rose quartz, the universal crystal symbol of harmony and self-love, the obvious choice. "This crystal will attune us to the positive and feminine influence of Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure," she explains.

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Gemini: Opal

"Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is not only tasked with ruling communication, it’s also a powerhouse of manifestation magic," says Montúfar. "Opal’s chameleon-like color enhances cosmic consciousness and stimulates flashes of intuition and insight when channeled during any Gemini full moon."

JaguarGems Raw Opal Crystal, $, available at Etsy

Cancer: Moonstone

Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon, so when a full moon falls in the sign of the crab, it's pretty special. The energy gives us emotional inner strength, psychic protection, and calm — and moonstone is the ideal crystal to help us channel all three, Montúfar explains.

House of Intuition Rainbow Moonstone, $, available at House of Intuition

Leo: Sunstone

Leo is the only sign ruled by the Sun, another powerful pairing. Capture it with a Sunstone. "By carrying the ultimate masculine energy of the universe, Sunstone helps us restore our enjoyment in life by gifting us strength and mental clarity," Montúfar explains.

Exquisite Crystals Sunstone Tumbled Stones, $, available at Exquisite Crystals

Virgo: Agate

"As the second sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo’s nocturnal and earthy nature adapts perfectly to the calming and grounding properties of agate," Montúfar says. "Holding a lower frequency than most crystals, it’s the perfect ally during a Virgo full moon as we strive to calm our minds and connect to our center."

LadiesCrystals Agate Rough Stone, $, available at Etsy

Libra: Turquoise

Libra, like Taurus, is governed by Venus. When a full moon falls in the sign of the scale, our focus tends to turn to relationships. Montúfar suggests capturing that energy with turquoise, "one of the few stones that relate to loyalty and friendship, as well as building connections in the spiritual world."

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Scorpio: Garnet

Scorpio is the second sign ruled by Mars. Garnet helps channel the intense creative and sexual energy that can arise during Scorpio full moon into something constructive, notes Montúfar.

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Sagittarius: Lapis Lazuli

Sagittarius, one of the more spiritual signs of the zodiac, is ruled by Jupiter. "Lapis lazuli has always been the stone that helps humans connect to the highest spirit and vibration of the universe," Montúfar says. "It promotes wisdom and good judgment in the practical world."

CrystalAge Lapis Lazuli, $, available at Etsy

Capricorn: Onyx

Capricorns are tough and strong — just like Saturn, the planetary ruler of the sign. "Any full Capricorn moon can deplete our energy, which is why only a Saturn-ruled crystal could help us develop emotional and physical strength and stamina," says Montúfar. "Onyx is not only transformational but also extra-protective during this lunation."

NewMoonBeginnings Black Onyx Stone, $, available at Etsy

Pisces: Amethyst

"Pisces is a very spiritually inclined sign, which is why any full moon in this larger-than-life sign calls for a piece of amethyst!" says Montúfar. "A natural tranquilizer and stress reliever, this crystal connects the physical plane with the higher realm."

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