The Best Signs & Cards People Are Using To Thank Hospital Workers

Every year National Hospital Week offers us a chance to really celebrate our hospitals and the people who work in them. But this year the milestone feels particularly special. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how essential it is to have healthcare systems that work — and how grateful we should be for the self-sacrifice shown by all the people who have dedicated their time and risked their lives to help protect our communities.

Hospitals and hospital workers need our help too, and there are tons of practical ways we can lend a hand: We can donate money or personal protective equipment; we can take social distancing seriously to prevent the spread of COVID-19; and we can broadcast our thanks far and wide, to make sure healthcare workers know we have their back.

Many communities have been cheering, clapping, and waving encouraging signs at a specific time each day, coming out onto their front stoops, balconies, and rooftops to support their healthcare workers. Others have started letter writing campaigns, encouraging people to send thank you notes to their local healthcare facilities. In honor of National Hospital Week, we gathered some of most uplifting signs, cards, and gestures of gratitude we've seen so far. Swipe through for a dose of positivity.

A healthy batch of thank you cards, hand-delivered to first responders and healthcare workers.
Customized cards for eight members of Inova Children's Hospital's Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit staff, who were moved to adult units indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Toronto public transit workers thanking healthcare heroes by decking out an entire bus. That one's hard to beat.
The group effort that went into this socially distant sign gets an A+ in our book.
These chalk signs are easy to see from hospital windows — and they're pretty easy to replicate.
A group of horticulture students made signs, and hand delivered some plants to their local hospital. We always support nature therapy.
Signs reminding others to stay safe and stay home are important too.
A school district in Arizona worked to collect more than 1,000 thank you cards (and cakes) for their local hospital.

How To Help Hospitals During Coronavirus

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