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11 Bold, Bright Rainbow Manicures To Celebrate Pride

June is Pride Month, and there are so many ways to show yours - including wearing rainbow from head to toe or even just across your fingernails. The history of the Pride flag dates back to the late '70s when gay activist Gilbert Baker designed a bright, positive symbol of universal love and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Back then, the flag also included pink and turquoise; it wasn't until 1979, when pink dye was found to be too expensive and turquoise got cut after the committee organizing the 1979 Gay Freedom Day Parade wanted to split the colors evenly to fly the flag in two halves, that it became the iconic ROYGBV we recognize today. Of course, given the current state of the world, Pride month looks a little different in 2020 — with no IRL parades — but that doesn't mean you can't still show your support with your favorite rainbow outfit and matching mani.

From the extra sparkles, ombré glitter, and gel press-ons to a more subtle multicolored take on the French tip, scroll through to find the perfect manicure to show your Pride this month.

If you have square-tip press-ons, you can try painting an ombré rainbow French design like Massachusetts-based artist Paragon Nails.
Global influencer Ares Aixalà shows that you can't go wrong with a rainbow star print — equal parts trendy and celebratory.
Pull inspiration from the Olive & June summer collection in collaboration with Nabela Noor, and make your rainbow quarantine manicure neon bright.
Matte polish meets ombré kaleidoscope in a stunning design by London-based nail artist Imarni Nails.
Here, Imarni fuses typography into nail art, making the sentiment of pride and unity all the more powerful.
Betina Goldstein, one of our favorite nail artists, posted her minimalist rainbow Pride mani on Instagram. She posted a step-by-step breakdown of this look in her highlights, including the 10 Essie shades she used to coordinate the two-tone diagonal color play.
This look, by nail pro Taryn Granados, uses a range of Jinsoon polish shades to create a more abstract iteration of a rainbow.
When you can't make it to the salon for professional nail art, you can add rainbow stickers by Olive & June to instantly bling out a DIY mani.
If you scroll through this Instagram slideshow, you'll find 10 different rainbow manicures, courtesy of L.A.'s ever-trendy Olive & June salon.
We've been seeing a resurgence in orbit nail-art, particularly the multicolored neon variety. In this example from Olive & June, it makes for a cool, minimalist take on rainbow nails.
To recreate this look by Imarni Nails, start with a glossy base coat and a nail file for shape, then paint skinny ROYGBIV curves, as you would an at-home French manicure.

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