Alia Bhatt is a sunglass hoarder!

She's one of the most gifted actresses in the country and also one of the most stylish ones. While her colleagues let the brands they are wearing do the talking, Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt has been pretty much a girl-next-door with a simple style and we love her for that. Her style may be minimalist but she loves to accessorise her looks with shades and we think she has quite a collection to flaunt. Here's a look at 5 best sunglasses Alia sported that we totally love.

01/ Cat eye

The upswept frame is our favourite and it looks fab on Alia Bhatt's face, especially that white coloured frame. So cool and chic!

02/ ​Round glasses

They provide an instant soft feel to a face and Alia, who already has a cute demeanor seems perfect to flaunt a pair of these.

03/ ​Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses or pilot glasses are the classic choice for women who have a fine taste and Alia definitely meets the criteria.

04/ Reflectors

Mirrored sunglasses are shades which come with a reflective optical coating and they never go out of vogue. Well, Alia slays in one of these.

05/ Over-sized glasses

Big is in and these brown big reflectors look really chic on Alia. 

from LifeStyle
Alia Bhatt is a sunglass hoarder! Alia Bhatt is a sunglass hoarder! Reviewed by streakoggi on June 28, 2020 Rating: 5
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