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Having infertility? Yoga can help!

Yoga can help

Becoming a parent is every married couple’s dream. But at times your body goes through certain health conditions that create a hindrance in fulfilling that wish. And, the phase when the couple gets to know about their infertility issues, their lives are suddenly filled with dark clouds. One should not succumb to these challenges and take up yoga instead to decrease the stress levels and promote relaxation. Yoga is the way of life and it helps you to deal with those daily life challenges besides keeping the ovaries healthy.

Infertility has become a common health issue now, thanks to our erratic schedule. It nearly affects 10- 15 per cent of married couples in India. Approximately 27-32 million couples who are actively seeking children suffer from infertility. It is probable that while female factor accounts for 40-50 per cent of infertility among couples, infertility attributable to male factors is on the upsurge and constitutes 30-40 per cent of infertility. According to various yoga experts, it improves the self-direction of hormonal awkward nature, increment flow and incitement of both female and male conceptive organs.

Role of yoga in enhancing fertility

Infertility treatment can be a stressful procedure for a couple and if the stress remains unsupervised for a long time then it might affect the procedure too. So, regular yoga helps to maintain your anxiety level in a natural way. Yoga has a holistic approach of treating a condition. The age-old Indian practice not only reduces the stress and anxiety that is often associated with fertility issues, but it also encourages focusing on both your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Practicing yoga habitually releases certain neurochemicals that enable to improve blood circulation in the inner parts of the body including the reproductive system. It also encourages easing of muscles in your lower back, and hips, and this, in turn, leads to an improvement in your reproductive health and your ability to conceive. Various studies have indicated that focusing on reducing stress in your life can have a positive effect on fertility. Yoga allows you to relax while you’re doing the poses and focus less on the negative feelings that you have developed for not being able to conceive.

Yoga increases the chance of conceiving by doing certain pranayamas and postures. However, one should do it regularly for better result and under the surveillance of the certified yoga trainer. Yoga gives a holistic solution to all your issues – physical, physiological and mental.


There are many yoga postures that lead to various physical benefits. Physical yoga helps in breaking down of scar tissue. One should try standing poses and hip opening.


Yoga not only helps in improving your fertility but also helps to overcome the stress and encourages living life to the fullest. Some physiological yoga poses are effective for your nervous and endocrine system. Endocrine System helps in maintaining your hormonal balance. Doing regular yoga can help in making your Endocrine System strong. Chest openers and Twists, Sarvangasana, Restoratives are few such poses.


Poses like Yoga Nidra and Bhramari breath help to remove the fear one can face at the time of conceiving. It reduces your stress and makes you calm under different situations. It has been seen that stress plays the spoil sport in infertility issues.

The article has been authored by Dr. Aswati Nair, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility.

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