How you hold hands says a lot about your relationship

As people, whenever we start to like somebody or when we start to date someone, we always end up questioning how our partner feels for us and when would be the time they'd express it all to us. But, it also makes us think that we are rushing into such conversations and that you don't want to come off as a clingy and nagging person. So then how do we find out about where exactly is our relationship headed? Well, there's a legit scientific explanation to hand-holding and what it says about our relationship with our partner. Yes, we're literally talking about hand-holding here because it is the first line of physical intimacy. So, if you're someone who wishes to figure out a little something about your relationship with your partner, read on about these hand-holding styles and you will know.

01/ When your partner holds your hand with your fingers in loose interlace

You might not even consider this as proper hand-holding, but it actually is a sweet depiction. This is one of those kinds of touches that two people new in love or wanting to be together may use when they are trying to figure out how they want to make a connection. This embrace is gentle, cautious and safe to make a physical connection. This kind of grip in a social situation only means that your partner is showing you off in front of the crowd. More like "I want people to know that you're mine".

02/ When your partner wraps both their hands around yours

Scientifically, the more you touch each other, the more you produce some oxytocin. It is a chemical that makes you feel safe, wonderful, warm and fuzzy. Holding hands is the first step to experience a bond with someone. The more your partner wants to hold your hand, the more gushy feeling they wish to experience with you. When your partner wants to have a double hold or a full clasp, it means they want to make a deeper bond with you and it conveys a strong emotion of caring.

03/ When your hands brush against each other's while walking

You've all experienced this kind of a situation, haven't you? It's where you're walking side-by-side with your partner and not holding hands at all but your hands are still brushing against your partner's. This one is a flirty one! It's not a tease but more of a hint towards affection. To put it out there, it's like hand-embrace foreplay. Mhmm! The hand brushing is not intimate but it's congenial.

04/ When your partner holds your hand with a super firm grip

Oh how we love firm hand-holding, don't we? This type of hand-holding at the beginning of a relationship only conveys intensity and power. It's more like a strong communication of some intense feelings and reassurance of safety. More like, "I got you! Don't worry." But, if this hand-holding becomes firmer and your partner squeezes your hand more than the usual, it only means they want to be a dominant one and take control. Well, in that case, you guys need to talk!

05/ When your partner rests their hand over yours when you both are sitting

You know one of those moments where you both are sitting and chilling at your favourite spot and then they gently rest their hand on top of yours? It's more like a little cuddle. It says that your partner is protective of you and even shows a lot of care. This person is going to be your protector.

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