19 Fresh Product Finds Our Editors Swear By This Summer

If there's ever a time during which you deserve to treat yourself, it's summer 2020. With travel bans, social distancing orders, and a generally distorted sense of time all hanging over our heads, this season just won't be the same. So why not use some of the money you would've spent on vacation to invest in upgrading your beauty arsenal? It's the perfect opportunity to indulge in self-care with hair masks, get a press-on manicure amid salon closures, or try out new makeup looks for those FaceTime dates.

We're here for that treat-yourself energy, and more than happy to divulge the products we're personally loving right now. From a trendy hair accessory to lip gloss galore, these are the beauty buys helping us cope with the fact that we're not basking in the warm weather like we used to. Find our summer favorites, ahead.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team.

Versed Silk Slip

“This lip oil is the perfect kind of loungewear makeup because it gives the illusion of a gloss or lipstick without any stickiness or residual dryness. Actually, the oil is so lightweight, I completely forget that I’m wearing it until I catch a glance in the mirror (or a Zoom screen) and realize that my lips aren't blending into my face, but instead are shiny and flushed. The other day, I absentmindedly squeezed it on while in the car with my mom, and she looked over and said simply, “Your lips look pretty” — which, thinking back on it, may be my favorite compliment in awhile." — Megan Decker, Beauty Editor

Versed Silk Slip, $, available at Versed

GSQ by GLAMSQUAD Gold Half Moon Claw Clip

"While I love the idea of a vintage gold claw clip, many of the ornate (and expensive) ones I've tried in the past prove useless when it comes to practical application: keeping my long, thick hair wrapped up in a low bun without falling out or coming loose. I had low expectations when I tried this new $8 one from CVS, but man, it's my new favorite thing. The teeth open super wide and clasp tight, keeping my quick, 10-second bun secure at the nape of my neck almost better than my usual thrice-wrapped hair elastic, while the gold claw design makes the whole style look way more involved." — Decker

gsq-by-glamsquad Gold Half Moon Claw Clip, $, available at CVS

ColorCamp At-Home Super Gel | Star Confetti

"I love the idea of nail salons coming up with creative sidesteps to support their artists and talented manicurists during this period of government-mandated closures and general discomfort around going into small salon spaces. For example, L.A.'s trendy ColorCamp outpost created these adorable press-on gel manicures you can apply at home. The brand sends you a nail-sizing kit, you send back your 10 tiny measurements, choose a nail-art design — the hardest part, because there are so many fun, summery options (I went with the star confetti) — and they send you personalized press-ons with instructions for how to apply, remove, and reuse them." — Decker

Color Camp At-Home Super Gel | Star Confetti, $, available at Color Camp

Drunk Elephant E-Rase Milki Micellar Water

"My personal strategy for avoiding both COVID-19 and the oppressive NYC heat is to park myself in front of the A/C with a book and emerge only when absolutely necessary, but the 70-pound German Shepherd/Lab mix with whom I share my life has other plans. Of course, she doesn’t have to worry about maskne, which — in addition to everything else in the world — has made its way to my laundry list of anxieties. I’ve been looking for the perfect product to cleanse the lower half of my face after a three-mile, 90-degree power walk in a mask without having to repeat my entire skin-care routine, and this micellar solution is it. The fatty acids and plant oils feel incredibly soothing while also removing sweaty buildup and debris, and the milky texture is nice and cooling. I just smooth it on with a cotton pad, spritz on my beloved Tower 28 facial spray, reapply sunscreen, and repeat as needed." — Rachel Krause, Deputy Beauty Director

Drunk Elephant E-Rase Milki Micellar Water, $, available at Sephora

M-61 Hydraboost Collagen+Peptide Water Cream

"Speaking of nice and cooling, this featherlight water cream has fast become a summer staple for plump, glowy baby-angel skin. I initially had my doubts that it would be hydrating enough to offset the rest of my regimen — I switch off between Dr. Dennis Gross Ultra Gentle peel pads and SkinMedica .25 retinol every other night, so my moisturizer has to pull its weight — but it’s been just as nourishing and restorative as my heavier go-to. I don’t have much in the way of fine lines and wrinkles (partly age-related, partly diligent skin care) so I can’t speak to the efficacy of the plant-based collagen, but I can tell you that my skin is smoother and clearer than it’s been in recent memory." — Krause

m-61 Hydraboost Collagen+Peptide Water Cream, $, available at M-61

Fable & Mane HoliRoots Hair Mask

"I’ve been using and loving the hair treatment oil from this new Ayurveda-inspired brand for the past few months, and now I’m obsessed with the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, too. The mask is particularly divine, a word I do not use often or lightly: It’s rich and creamy and detangles almost on contact, so I don’t feel like I’m ripping chunks of hair out as I work it through the lengths. Gourmand scents aren’t usually my style, but the warm floral jasmine sambac and tiger orchid make the coconut and banana notes feel complex and addictive, not smoothie-like. My hair is soft, shiny, and smells incredible, and the packaging is gorgeous — what more could you want?" — Krause

Fable & Mane HoliRoots Hair Mask, $, available at Fable & Mane

Lancôme Juicy Tubes

"Only a cruel god would allow for a global pandemic to coincide with the relaunch of Juicy Tubes. Everyone’s favorite shiny, sticky, fruit-scented gloss is back — and about as un-mask-friendly as it gets. But part of the joy of Juicy Tubes is that they’re so fun to apply, which is why I never mind wiping it off before leaving the house, then slicking it back on when I get home." — Krause

Lancôme Juicy Tubes, $, available at Lancôme

Velour Fluff'N Brow Pencil

"I’ve worn a full face of makeup roughly twice since early March. This hiatus has given me a chance to reflect on the absurd amount of time I was spending perfecting 'no-makeup' makeup and also realize why I was 20 minutes late to work every day despite waking up hours earlier. A mystery, I say! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my pre-quarantine routine — especially not since I’ve found this three-in-one brow wand, which has a pencil for filling in sparse areas, a tinted balm to thicken and add hold, and a spoolie to shape and blend, for Zoom and/or Trader Joe’s-perfect brows in 30 seconds." — Krause

Velour Fluff'N Brow Pencil, $, available at Velour

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance

"Glossier’s new moisturizer has quickly become a summer MVP for my oily, acne-prone complexion. I love how the lightweight formula sinks into my skin with a soft matte finish (bye-bye, greasy T-zone) and, true to the name, it's an excellent base for some light foundation and concealer if I’m hopping on a Zoom meeting." — Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty & Wellness Market Writer

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance, $, available at Glossier

Stila Plumping Lip Glaze

"As a teenager, being able to work in beauty was truly the stuff of my wildest dreams. One of the first 'fancy' products I received as a gift was a set of mini twist-up glosses from Stila. It didn’t matter how sticky the formula was (it was the ’00s!), but I never felt cooler than with my trusty, vanilla-scented sparkly gloss. Years passed, and words couldn’t express my joy when I saw that Stila was bringing back a new-and-improved gloss in the clicky pen that means so much to me. Something tells me that the Kitten shade (a sparkly beige) will be a new all-time favorite of mine." — Hoshikawa

Stila Plumping Lip Glaze, $, available at Stila

Revlon x Sofia Carson Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes

"I'm not familiar with Sofia Carson’s work, but damn, does she know how to pick her makeup shades. The actress and singer's new collab with Revlon has some of the most gorgeous red tones I’ve seen in a while, but my favorite item from the range is this MLBB dusty-rose shade I’ve been wearing on repeat. (I’ve been layering it with the liquid lipstick in the same hue for a subtly dimensional look.) Everything about it — the unique color and hydrating, demi-matte formula — oozes luxury, but at an accessible price point." — Hoshikawa

Revlon Sofia Carson Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes, $, available at Walmart

Maybelline Color Strike Cream-to-Powder Eye Shadow Pen

"I’ve always been a little lazy about makeup brushes, and with these new eyeshadow pens, Maybelline has only reinforced my laissez-faire tendencies. The creamy sticks take all of ten seconds to apply and blend, and I love how I can customize my look with the applicator — sticking close to my lash line for a liner-like effect, under my lower lashes, or blended out all over the lid. My go-to shades are Hustle, a steely bronze, and Chase, a matte terra-cotta." — Hoshikawa

Maybelline Color Strike Cream-to-Powder Eye Shadow Pen, $, available at Ulta Beauty

Pinkness Feeling Bright Mist

"Rose and chamomile water, aloe, and vitamin C: That's the soothing blend you'll find in this toning and brightening mist. I spritz this on every morning, and it's the extra kick my skin needs to feel and look more awake. It's the perfect complement to my cup of coffee, which I thought was good enough on its own until I found this skin-care companion. The refreshing spray also makes it perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up whenever my skin is feeling out of whack. Consider this the sugar, spice, and everything nice of toners everywhere." — Thatiana Diaz, Senior Beauty Writer

Pinkness Feeling Bright Face Mist, $, available at Pinkness

Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier

"It's too hot to open my windows, but my skin feels so dry being in an enclosed, air-conditioned environment all day. That all changed once I got my hands on this facial humidifier. I keep it on my desk while I'm working — it doesn't take up too much space with its compact build, and the USB charger can be connected to my laptop. The hydrating steam feels like my face is flying through fluffy clouds, and I can't think of a better set-up than what I'm now dubbing my 'office spa.'" — Diaz

Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier, $, available at Hey Dewy

Saie Really Great Gloss

"I'm not one to wear a statement lip, but I'm also not one to have nothing there. This launch from Saie is the perfect middle ground. The balm-gloss hybrid with sheer, yet noticeable color has become my go-to lip product during the summer: It's comfortable (and delightfully non-sticky) under my face masks and works great on Zoom meetings when I'm most likely wearing a no-makeup makeup look." — Diaz

Saie Really Great Gloss, $, available at Saie

Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum

"My sensitive skin tends to act up during the summertime, especially when I've spent a considerable amount of time in the sun. This calming serum is the perfect savior for my rosacea, as it reduces redness and inflammation almost immediately — I see the difference in my skin just seconds after layering this on my face. While it's definitely on the pricier end, its effectiveness makes it a worthy investment, especially if you're prone to irritation." — Diaz

Dr. Barbara Sturm Calming Serum, $, available at Sephora

Brown Girl Jane REST 1500mg Daily Drops

"I take CBD supplements to help me fall asleep, but there's just one problem: Most of my favorites are packed with sugar, which doesn't play well with my acneic skin. Not only does this tincture give me a restful night's sleep, but I never wake up with chin breakouts after using it. It's also one of the best tasting tinctures I've tried. It has the most subtle minty flavor that won't give you a jolt of energy, but also won't make you have to get up and brush your teeth again because your mouth tastes like oranges or olive oil." — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director

Brown Girl Jane REST 1500mg Daily Drops, $, available at Brown Girl Jane

BeautyStat Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream

"Without fail,  and even if I'm using the fanciest derm-approved products and watching my dairy and sugar consumption, I always get at least one monster zit the week leading up to my period — until I started using this. I went through the whole jar in two months and didn't experience a single breakout, even through stress, travel, comfort food, and two cycles. I paired it with the brand's vitamin C serum and my skin looked glowy and bright for weeks until I recently ran out, and guess who immediately paid a visit? That zit." — Quinn

BeautyStat Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream, $, available at BeautyStat

Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleansing Gel

"I'm a huge fan of the Augustinus Bader The Cream, which transformed my skin and dramatically reduced my acne scars before my wedding. So, I had high hopes for the new cleanser, and it met my expectations. The silky lather feels like it's giving your skin a hug, but has more cleansing power than a Cetaphil or CeraVe, which I find always leave mascara rings around my eyes. My skin felt soft and supple after patting dry — normally, I have to put my moisturizer on before it starts screaming. At $65, it's a pretty penny to pay for a cleanser, so I'm sticking to only using it at night as part of a more dedicated nighttime routine — and using the teeniest amount to make it last as long as possible." — Quinn

Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleansing Gel, $, available at Augustinus Bader

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