5 amazing tips to detangle your tangled hair

Ever had a troubling experience with tangled hair? Believe it or not, most people go through this nightmare and are always looking for detangling solutions. While some resort to expensive hair products and supplements, others retreat to a more hassle-free alternative and chop off their hair. As hard as it is to grow your mane, it is even harder to cut them, just because you cannot get rid of the knots in your hair.

Tangled hair can arise out of various reasons. From an uncombed hair to a dry, split-end ridden hair, every damaging factor can lead to tangled hair and also worsen the quality of your hair too. To avoid such complications, here are some amazing tips to detangle you hair knots.

01/ Moisturize your hair

Dry hair can do a lot of damage to your hair. It can make your hair dull and also detangle your hair in the worst possible way. To make sure that your hair retrieves back its natural radiance and is free from detangling, you must keep it moisturized at all times. Use conditioners or oil them from time to time.

02/ Trim your hair regularly

Split-ends can be a leading cause of knotted hair. It not only damages your hair but also stops it from growing. Make sure you trim these dry ends regularly.

03/ Braid your hair before sleeping

While sleeping, we’re hardly aware of our postures. Similarly, if we sleep with our hair open, it can cause friction and they can get tangled among themselves. To avoid it, you can always braid your hair before sleeping, so that they remain intact.

04/ Avoid using heated hair equipments

Hot hair straighteners or curlers or any other heated equipment can often lead to a frizzy and a damaged hair. This further leads to tangled hair. Avoid using such styling tools.

05/ Protect your hair from humidity

Humidity can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Besides other damages, it can also tangle our hair. So to avoid such a mishap, we can learn to braid our hair or make a bun out of it.

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