5 Online habits you need to know prove a weak relationship

The Internet has proven to be a boon in these baneful times. Without technology and social media, our love lives would be so dull and dingy. However, that’s not to say that it can’t ruin relationships. As advantageous as it is, it can also create rifts between long term couples, irrespective of how strong their bond may be. That being said, it is not that difficult to read your partner’s activities on social media. You can guess a lot of things through their recent posts or comments. Therefore, if you’re doubtful about your partner’s commitment towards you, then watch out for these 5 online habits that could mean they’re not into you anymore.

01/ Spending too much time on social media

Being a part of a digital society, it’s completely normal to spend time on social media. Everyone wants their followers and online friends to stay updated about their whereabouts. However, if you feel, your partner is unusually spending a lot of time on their Facebook or Instagram, then it’s high time you confront them.

02/ Sharing too many posts about your relationship

Sharing post is definitely understandable. But when it gets out of hand, it might feel like a violation, rather than a symbol of love. If your partner truly cares about you, they will be more private about your times together.

03/ Their search section is full of other people

Search engines and buttons can help a lot if you wish to confront your partners with proves of their disloyalty. If your partner is over you, their search section will probably be full of other people, preferably people who they might have a crush on.

04/ If they’re stalking their exes

If your partner has this bad habit of stalking their exes online, then they are either not over them anymore or are not into you at all. Either way, you are going to have a hard time.

05/ Posting pictures just to make their exes jealous

If at any point in your relationship, you feel that your partner is posting pictures of you two to make their exes feel jealous, then it is crucial you have a face-to-face chat with them. Don’t let this slip and clear the air before it’s too late.

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