5 skincare rules to follow this Monsoon

5 skincare rules to follow this Monsoon

With the changing seasons, one must change their skincare routine, especially for the monsoon season. As humidity increases with rain, the monsoon weather can be harsh on the skin. To solve your beauty woes, we have charted five skincare tips you must follow to keep your skin healthy and infections at bay.

1. Wash your face regularly

During the rainy season, the pores get clogged which lead to acne. With excessive humidity, one must wash their face three to four times a day.

2. Gently exfoliate

One must indulge in weekly exfoliation rituals, which helps to remove dead skin cells and avoid any skin infection. You can use a gentle scrub, which is not harsh on the skin.

3. Don't skip the sunscreen

Even in this weather, you should not skip your sunscreen routine. Whether it's cloudy or not, apply a good amount of SPF to keep yourself safe from the harsh sun rays.

4. Use a light moisturiser

One tends to skip the moisturiser in this humid weather, but skipping this step can actually make your skin more oily. You can invest in water and gel-based creams which are not heavy on the skin and doesn't clog up pores.

5. Try anti-fungal products

During this season, your skin can be prone to all sorts of germs and bacteria and that's why one must keep anti-bacterial products handy. You can also indulge in anti-fungal face wash and body washes to avoid any skin infections.

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