7 rules to stay safe at the gym during COVID

The closing of gyms and fitness centres in the face of the coronavirus pandemic meant that a lot of people were confined to working out from home with the help of online fitness tutorials. While it may have turned out to be next (and the only) best thing for fitness enthusiasts, without the expert guidance of fitness trainers and gym instructors, and not to mention gymming equipment, it is easy to feel lost in the sea of fitness and workout information available online.

Precautions you must follow while hitting the gym and fitness centres

If you are gearing up to hit your nearest gym for a sweat session, as soon as the restrictions are lifted, let us stop you right there. We need to understand that even if the centre is slowly lifting restrictions during the third phase of unlocking, the pandemic is still very much here and is still dangerous. As we brace ourselves to live with the new normal, we are listing down seven precautions you must follow while hitting the gym and fitness centres, to keep yourself (and your loved ones) safe from COVID-19:

01/ ​Arrive and leave on your allotted time

To avoid rushing through the gym door at the last minute (and running into people) make sure that you show up to your gym class at the allotted time and do not hover at the entrance. If you see a beeline, it is advisable to wait in your car or somewhere at distance. This will ensure that you don’t run into people who are heading for the gym at their scheduled time.

02/ ​Carry your own water bottle and other supplies

No more reaching out to disposable cups at the watercooler at the gym, instead, carry your own water bottle. Come prepared for a workout session from your home only as lockers and changing rooms are most likely to be closed to avoid contraction of infection. You may also need to carry your own yoga mat for stretching.

03/ ​Sanitize, sanitize and sanitize

If you are not wearing hand gloves while handling the gymming equipment, make sure to sanitize your hands after every use and do not touch your face. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you for this purpose.

04/ ​Wear gym gloves and arm sweatbands while working out

This will ensure two things, one you will not pick up germs and bacteria from the workout equipment and it also prevents you from accidentally touching your face. You can also consider wearing arm sweatbands to stop the sweat from trickling down your face.

05/ ​Do not show up if you feel unwell

If you are feeling sick, it is strongly advised to stay at home to keep others safe. Get in touch with your health care provider if you develop a nagging cough, fever or a new loss of smell and taste.

06/ ​Practise social distancing even at the gym

Yes, the golden rule of social distancing is still applicable while you sweat it out at the gym. Remember, the pandemic is still looming large, so ensure a distance of at least 6 feet from others, at all times.

07/ ​Avoid wearing face masks while working out

While it may seem like an ideal thing to do while working out in a public place, a lot of experts maintain that wearing a mask while walking, jogging or even during a strenuous workout, in this case, will act as a barrier to airflow and increases your heart rate quickly. You may tire out quickly, have a hard time catching your breath and may experience dizziness or light-headedness. Always speak to your medical care provider before wearing a mask while working out in a gym.

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