8 enthralling facts about Princess Diana

Princess Diana is one of the most iconic and popular figures of the royal family. Having left the world too soon, not only are we familiar with her extraordinary lifestyle, but we are also inspired and heartened with the humanitarian legacy she’s left behind. While the world may have some bittersweet memories of her, there’s so much more than what meets the eyes of the people. Just like any other person, the Princess also had dreams, aspirations and a vision, but unlike everyone else, she had a lot at stake.

That being said, there are many things about the royal princess that you might have missed. From her childhood dreams to her worst nightmares, here’s a thought-provoking account on Princess Diana’s life that you probably didn’t know.

01/ She always dreamt of becoming a ballerina

Like any other child, Princess Diana also had aims and aspirations. From a young age, she always dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer. However, her height became a hurdle when she grew to be a 5 feet 10 inch, making her give up on her dream.

02/ She was a school drop-out

Princess Diana had a tough time with her academic curriculum. She struggled in school and although, she got many wonderful opportunities, she eventually dropped out.

03/ Her grandmother worked as a personal assistant to the Queen

Not many know of this, but Princess Diana’s grandmother, Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy, worked as a Lady-in-waiting to the Queen of England and served as her personal assistant and a close companion.

04/ Before dating Princess Diana, Prince Charles was dating her elder sister

While it may come as a surprise to many of us, but Princess Diana met her future husband Prince Charles through her sister Sarah. At that time, Sarah and Charles were in a close companionship with one another.

05/ Her wedding was a world-wide sensation

Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles is known to be one of the most sensational royal weddings of all times. From her wedding dress to her wedding vows, she won everyone’s heart and left a crowd of 2.5 billion spectators in a state of awe.

06/ Some of her deepest darkest secrets were recorded on tapes

All through her royal life, Princess Diana faced many issues with her marriage and her mental state. Much of which has been recorded on tapes. It is said, that in May 1991, she began with the recordings and had a friend deliver it to a British journalist, Andrew Morton, who had been working on the royals over a long period of time.

07/ She was the first member of the royal family who broke HIV-related stereotypes

On April 19, 1987, Princess Diana, met with an HIV patient and broke all the surrounding stereotypes that treated these patients as untouchables. Recognizing the fact that AIDS is not spread through physical touch, she shook hands with a patient without any gloves or protection.

08/ She is buried on a small island called Althorp in England

Following her tragic death in 1997, Princess Diana was given a grand funeral procession and was finally buried on her family Estate in Althorp, Northampton. A small island with a temple has been dedicated to her memory, where well-wishers come to pay their respect.

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