Guide to buying new-age make-up products

As consumer choices are getting increasingly influenced by make-up products’ impact on different skin types, it has become quite clear that delivering the best possible cosmetics in terms of innovation, effectiveness, quality and safety is the key. Moreover, because today’s consumer is more attuned to their individuality and need for self expression, it’s important for brands to offer them a broad palette of shades. We got in touch with Sandeep Jain, founder of SERY Cosmetics to know what new-age brands are doing besides offering make-up products that have been created using high performing anti-oxidants, naturally occurring vitamins, and essential oils that help in giving your skin maximum benefits.

“In addition to enriching the products with natural ingredients (to help make them suitable for all skin types) such as RoseHoney, CocoVanilla among others, it’s also important to understand the product’s shelf life; which takes many factors into consideration. So, it’s important for brands to ensure that they continue their research & development into finding naturally occurring preservatives that help increase shelf life, while maintaining their natural integrity,” feels Jain.

Also, since today’s customer is not only self expressive but also experimental, bold, minimalistic and soft glam – a customer’s choice of make-up aesthetic can depend a lot on the products that they use. Two products that allow the user to achieve a great look include: a lipstick of a lush shade and a foundation that makes everything else look glamorous. As the first layer, foundation shades that match your skin tone are of utmost importance. They help cover imperfections, while providing a more even skin tone that helps bring out the desired finish: matte or dewy. Depending on your skin type and the ingredients being used in your favourite products, consumers must not only look out for the glamorous look but also for their skin.

Customers, however, should pay close attention to the ingredients being used in their favourite products. For example, foundations enriched with natural ingredients such as red raspberry also act as a non-comedogenic moisturizer, keeping the skin cells young and hydrated. The inclusion of white clay too may help as it works as a mild exfoliant that gently removes dry skin cells and leaves your skin clarified and glowing. In fact, enriching products with such ingredients also decreases how much time it takes for you to get ready, which in this case would be: a matter of seconds!

Other than lipsticks and foundations, lip tints too are a great way to accent your look. Lip tints offered in a variety of flavoured, tinted and luscious shades can help you achieve this. In fact, special emollients in the lip tints help your lips to remain hydrated and nourished! In addition, an exciting range of lip tints enriched with the natural ingredients like RoseHoney, CocoVanilla, MelonSugar or even OrangeChoco help in achieving a luminous finish that has instant hydration properties; making these lip tints an absolute winner among women!

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