How to eat food while wearing a mask?


Surprised? We were too. Emma Louise Connolly, a British model and influencer recently came up with a genius hack to eat food without having to remove the face mask. She posted a video of this funny hack on Instagram which has gone viral. Wearing a mask has been one of the fundamental guidelines by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to protect against the coronavirus.

While most people are sincerely following the guidelines, they are bound to get hungry when running errands outside for long hours. And to eat the food we will obviously have to remove our mask, right? Not necessarily, thanks to Emma’s hack!

The video shows the model sitting in her car and doing the impossible, eating with her masks on! She makes it possible by wearing two surgical masks, with one covering the lower part of her mouth and the other covering the nose and the upper part of the mouth. When she opened her mouth, both masks gave way and created a gap for the food to go through.

The video was so unexpected and hilarious that she herself gave a laugh at the end of the video. The funny video reminded us of Pacman, with the masks opening and closing like a huge mouth. It was aptly given a witty caption- ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’!

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The video has gone viral amassing over 370 thousand views and more than 2,300 comments. People commenting are amused at the model’s genius idea. Many of them appreciated the smart, sweet and funny nature of the video with comments like “Smart”, “Smart & sweet” etc.

One user tagged a friend and commented “Genius!” with a laughing emoji, to which the friend replied, “ha ha right!?”. Many users have tagged their friends and family to share this useful trick! Would you try this trick while having your food in public next time? 

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