Do you gain more weight with second pregnancy?

It was recently announced that actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is expecting her second baby with husband Saif Ali Khan. The star couple, who are parents to 3-year-old Taimur, had given an official statement to the media for their fans and wellwishers that they are ‘expecting an addition to their family.’ Saif and Kareena got married in October 2012 and welcomed their son, Taimur in December 2016.

Much like Kareena Kapoor Khan, if you are expecting your second child, it can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience for you. Although no two pregnancies are the same, for a lot of mothers getting pregnant for the second time is a different ball game altogether.

01/ ​Is weight gain during the second pregnancy different than the first one?

While you may have more understanding of what to expect the second time around, second pregnancy can also feel a lot different than the first one. It is also believed that you may put on more weight during your second pregnancy as your baby bump may get bigger, sooner. Let’s find out why some expectant mothers put on more weight during their second pregnancy and how is it different when compared to the first time.

02/ ​Your bump may start showing sooner

It happens because your uterine and abdominal muscles which were stretched during your first pregnancy may not have gone back to their original size. As a result, it is quite likely that your pregnancy will show earlier when compared to your first time. Think of it this way: Your body has already done it before, so it easier for your uterus to start stretching and hence, your bump may start showing sooner.

03/ ​You have not lost all the baby weight

While ultimately the weight you put depends on your physique, diet and fitness levels, it is still possible for you to gain more weight when you are expecting your second child. Shedding all the extra kilos you had put on during your first pregnancy needs a lot of time and dedicated fitness regime and may not be possible when you are busy taking care of your little one. Hence, if you haven’t lost all the baby weight from your first pregnancy, it is natural that you may gain more weight during your second pregnancy.

04/ ​Your body recognises the hormonal changes faster

Your body undergoes a sea change when you are expecting as it readies itself for the little one. From an increase in the size of your uterus, gaining extra kilos to changes in smell and taste, your body slowly adapts to the hormonal and physiological changes. However, the second time around, your body recognises these changes faster and hence, your weight may start increasing sooner.

05/ ​The bottom line

Depending on your current weight, you may need to gain more or less weight during pregnancy. Hence, it is always advisable to check with your obstetrician to gain weight in a healthy manner. Remember, now is NOT the time to go on a diet to prevent weight gain later, but the focus should rather be on getting the right nutrients and staying active as per your comfort level.

You can also speak with your nutritionist to learn more about healthy food choices during the pregnancy, which will help you and your little one in the long run. While it is normal to feel anxious as the numbers on the weighing scale go up, a healthy diet and exercise routine can help you gain weight in a healthy manner.

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