Face Shields: What To Know & Where To Buy Them

So, you want to keep yourself and others protected but you need a literal breather from your face mask? We get it — we're still adjusting to having our noses and mouths covered in fabric, sweating it out in the hot summer sun, too. Luckily, cloth masks (in some cases) aren't the only option for helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus. If you're looking for a fresh way to responsibly set the bottom half of your face free for a few fleeting (but appreciated) moments, meet: the face shield.

There are more than a few benefits to adding a clear plastic shield into our mask-wearing routines: face shields are easy to clean and reuse; they can help cut down on face-touching instances while also wearing a mask (think anything from clearing off lens-fog on glasses to readjusting masks in order to sip a drink). However, it's important to note: according to a recent report from the Journal of the American Medical Association, in order for a face shield to act effectively, it should extend below the chin and out to the ears (with no exposed gap between the forehead and the headpiece). Since clinical testing has not been performed and information regarding the spread of droplets and disease is ever-evolving, at this time, a face shield should only be used as an extra form of protection in addition to a mask. This second piece of protection can come in handy when say, you're walking and sipping a much needed iced coffee on a sweltering day or you're sitting on a bus or airplane for a few hours.

Ahead, find ten face shields that you can readily add to your COVID-curbing lineup of protective accessories today.

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