Here's why you should do skipping every day

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Among the other changes, at home exercises have gained immense popularity due to the lockdown.

Talking about at-home exercises, skipping rope is one such exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere as it doesn't require much space or pieces of equipment.

People love skipping rope, as it an easy, effective and convenient exercise. Though for most of us skipping rope was one of the fun activities we practiced during childhood and has a sense of nostalgia attached to it. Not many of you might know, skipping rope can help you stay fit and healthy as well.

01/ ​Benefits of skipping

Skipping is cardio exercise. It increases your heart rate, strengthens your heart and the same type helps your burn calories. Skipping also help reduce the risk of obesity and helps you shed those extra kilos. It can also help reduce the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and other conditions caused due to being overweight.

02/ ​Calories burn by skipping

Skipping just for one minute can help you burn 15 to 20 calories. This means around 15 minutes of skipping can help one burn 200-300 calories. Compared to brisk walk, which can only help your burn 5 calories per minute, skipping rope can help your burn three to four times of this, which is 15-20 calories per minute.

03/ ​Simple tips to do skipping at home

To reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, people are staying at home. But staying at home has increased our inactivity time, which is not healthy. Therefore, at-home exercises like skipping and yoga should be practiced daily. If you are planning to try skipping to stay physically active and fit, here are some tips that will make your session smoother.

1. Pick an open space, like terrace, balcony or your house garden to do the activity.

2. Invest in a good skipping rope. The rope should not be flimsy, sturdy and should be adjustable.

3. Adjust the rope according to your height.

4. Try to buy a non-plastic rope, which is environment friendly and also comfortable to hold.

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