Leave excuses employees made during lockdown

It's been a few months that we're all stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. A majority of the people are working from home and have been somehow managing to balance their work-life and personal life. It's true that many people have been working extra hours, working on week offs and even trying to prioritize work when they haven't been doing well mentally. With no place to go and no one coming either, some employees used absurdly funny excuses to take leaves. Here are some examples that we've heard from people :

- I spent the whole night binge-watching the latest series on Netflix and I don't have any capacity to work through the day. Can I please call it an off today?

- My kids keep complaining that I am always on my phone and laptop. I will need a day to explain to them that work is important too and so I request to take the day off today.

- I haven't been able to take my dog on a walk in days and generally haven't spent time with the puppy. Can I please take a leave today?

- Sucks that maids aren't allowed and I have zero talent when it comes to cooking. Will need a day off to figure out through YouTube how to feed my family and me.

- I haven't been sleeping well lately and I really want to catch on some sleep. Can I call it an off today, please?

- I had someone from outside come and fix my washing machine. I'm panicking! Need to sanitize the whole house. Taking a day off today for the same.

- My kitchen tap broke and half of my house is filled with water. Since no plumbers are available, I'm going to have to deal with this myself. Need a day off, please!

- Did you know that the virus can survive on surfaces for 48 hours? I'm very skeptical about using my laptop for a day, just to be safe, you know? Would like to request a leave today.

- I have to babysit my neightbour's kid today as they are going to get themselves tested. Can't handle the baby along with work and so need an off today. Sorry!

- I don't quite remember what a leave feels like, so I'm taking one today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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