Men confess how they really feel about cuddling

Cuddling is something that can strengthen relationships by giving two people a way to form a connection that doesn't necessarily require words or sexual pleasures. It's intimate, relaxing and barely requires any effort. In fact, cuddling is key when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships with your partner, according to therapists. However, do all men feel like cuddling is the best part? Do they even like cuddling? We got some insightful opinions on this from me

by Dhwani Vora

01/ Cuddling gives you the satisfaction that sex doesn't

"I've always been very comfortable with cuddles, it's something that calms me down. Right from when I was little, my mum used to scratch my back to help me sleep. Even now, my girlfriend rubs my back and it's honestly the best part of spending quality time. I think it's one of life's simplest pleasures to just feel someone close to you in a very intimate moment but not intimate enough to call it sex."

02/ It is an indescribable feeling

"To be able to feel her heartbeats syncing with mine while getting a whiff of her hair. That's a feeling that I cannot describe. It's one of the most peaceful feelings in the world. And with the kind of weather we have, nothing else I rather do than cuddle with her."

03/ Guys don't always have to be the big spoon

"It's a myth that guys don't like being the little spoon. I actually love it when my girlfriend takes the lead and wishes to be the big spoon to me. It's a very comforting feeling."

04/ Your guard is completely down

"Cuddling with someone you're in love with gives you a sense of closeness and relaxes your heart and mind. If you feel comfortable with this person, it lets you have your guard down completely. And I share this feeling with my girl. It's the most favourite part of my day when she doesn't want to talk, doesn't want to do anything but just wishes to cuddle with me."

05/ It's real and raw

"Cuddling is the most innocently intimate part of a relationship, it's real and it's raw. It's the most primal form of intimacy between you and your partner. You've gotta love cuddles man! I absolutely love them!"

06/ It can make you share everything

"Whenever I feel too heavy in my heart, I always want to be in her arms. Cuddles make me feel so much better. I sometimes end up sharing everything that's been on my mind and sometimes just end up crying. Cuddles are that powerful when you get them from the right person."

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