Snail slime is the new Korean beauty hack

Women across the world spend millions collectively on beauty products that promise to fight ageing. And now, an interesting product derived from a naturally occuring mollusk is going viral for its anti-ageing properties. We are talking about snail, a shelled gastropod. Well, the humble shelled being has become a major contributor to path-breaking beauty treatments across the world, especially South Korea thanks to its slime.

01/ What is snail slime?

Snails have always had human relevance as food items and vectors of disease and now their slime, a substance similar to mucus which is basically an external bodily secretion of the snail.

02/ Natural medicine

For hundreds of years, snail slime has been referred to in folk medicine and is prominently used in Chinese medicine for its abilities to treat skin problems, thanks to its healing properties.

03/ Anti-ageing

The sticky substance also has antioxidant properties that make it the best ingredient to fight ageing skin. It also has a natural ability to encourage collagen production and heal the skin. It is also has hyaluronic acid, which provides perfect hydration for the outer skin layer of the human body.

04/ Available in gel form

The good news is, that snail slime has found its way in most of the beauty stories as a standalone gel or as a major ingredient of most of the anti-ageing gels/creams. Well, though the world is vouching for it, we'd still suggest you do a patch test on the skin before applying it on your face, as it's a new product.

from LifeStyle
Snail slime is the new Korean beauty hack Snail slime is the new Korean beauty hack Reviewed by streakoggi on August 30, 2020 Rating: 5
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