These Under-$200 Fine Jewelry Pieces Only Look Expensive

We’re always looking for a little distraction in the form of something shiny — specifically, the stuff that adorns your fingers, accentuates your collarbones, and dangles from your earlobes: jewelry. However, the type of mood-boosting bling we're talking about here is not necessarily of the cheap and cheerful variety. Instead, our focus is on the finer pieces that require a little bit more of an investment. Lucky for us, the internet is replete with baubles that are of exceptional quality (aka actual solid gold and silver) but won't cost you several month’s rent.

These Under-$200 Fine Jewelry

If you know where to look, there are great values to be had in the world of precious metals; sites like Etsy and Ylang23 boast every price point under the sun, including plenty that falls under the $200 mark. And thanks to the growing popularity of demi-fine jewelry (gilded pieces made with sterling silver or alloys of gold) at retailers like Ana Luisa and Net-a-Porter, there are more affordable options than ever.

If you’re in the market for a unique new trinket or love token for someone special, click right this way — because we've lined up 25 of the shiniest pieces for under $200 ahead.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Tarin Thomas for Poolside Stud Earring

OMG! These cheeky single earrings are the silliest. At $128 each, they’re a precious and affordable way to brighten your — or a friend’s — day.

Shop Tarin Thomas for Poolside

Tarin Thomas Stud Earrings, $, available at Poolside

Helzberg Diamonds Wavy 10K Gold Band

This slim, undulating band in 10K gold is a serious score at less than $130 — it’s even studded with 25 single-cut diamonds.

Shop Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds Wavy Diamond Band in 10K Yellow Gold, $, available at Helzberg Diamonds

Maison Miru Mini Forever Hoops

This dainty, lightweight pair of 14K gold hoops is the kind that you’ll put in and never take off — possibly the best $90 you’ll ever spend.

Maison Miru Mini Forever Hoops (Pair), $, available at Maison Miru

Ana Luisa Gold Vermeil Prism Earrings

When shopping for demi-fine jewelry, look out for gold vermeil — it offers an actual measurable thickness of gold layered over sterling silver. Ana Luisa uses the material to prismatic effect with its rainbow-hued drop earrings.

Shop Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa Gold Vermeil Prism Earrings, $, available at Ana Luisa

Blue Nile Sterling Silver Padlock Necklace

Is this the work of a 5th Avenue-based heritage jewelry house, or a well-priced, surprisingly stylish find from a big-box bauble destination? That’s for you to know, and your friends to find out.

Shop Blue Nile

Blue Nile Padlock Necklace in Sterling Silver, $, available at Blue Nile

Poppy Finch Keishi Cultured Pearl Ring

This skinny-mini 14K gold stacking ring showcases a glowing keishi pearl that seems to float in its setting.

Poppy Finch Skinny Keishi Cultured Pearl Ring, $, available at Nordstrom

BaubleBar “X” 14K Gold Single Earring

A simple, solid gold “x” makes a decisive statement when added to a lineup of multiple piercings.

Shop fine jewelry at BaubleBar

BaubleBar X 14K Solid Gold Single Stud Earring, $, available at BaubleBar

Fremada Gold Stacking Ring

Despite a dainty appearance, this slim solid gold stacking band still makes a statement, thanks to a faceted, textured finish. At less than $70, you could get one for yourself and one for a friend. (If you’re feeling extra splashy, stack it with another find — this wide jade band adorned with a solid gold elephant.)

Shop fine jewelry on

Fremada 14K Gold Faceted Stacking Ring, $, available at

Palm Beach Jewelry 10K Yellow Gold Genuine Green Jade Elephant Ring, $, available at

Alison Lou Tiny Pill Single Earring

Alison Lou is known to work magic with enamel to create cheeky emoji jewelry, so this assortment of gilded multi-colored pill earrings are a natural next step.

Shop Ylang23

Alison Lou Glitter Tiny Pill Stud Single Earring, $, available at Ylang23

A&M Ball Stud Earrings

These classic stud earrings offer a lot of value and style for a mere $20.

Shop fine jewelry at Walmart

A&M 14K Solid Gold Classic Ball Stud Earrings, $, available at Walmart

Zoë Chicco 14K Gold Turquoise Stacking Ring

Keep your dainty rings from fading into the background by choosing bright, can’t-be-missed stones — like this eye-catching polished turquoise set in 14K gold.

Shop fine jewelry at Nordstrom

Zoë Chicco 14K Gold Turquoise Stacking Ring, $, available at Nordstrom

Stella & Bow Rio Strawberry Hoops

Squee! We’ve never seen a prettier or more summer-ready pair of earrings. Who knew strawberries played so nice with solid gold?

Shop Stella & Bow

Stella and Bow Rio strawberry hoops, $, available at Stella and Bow

Mary John Hydrangea Blossom Ring

We swooned over the affordable selection of organic, handmade fine jewelry in Mary John’s Etsy shop, but ultimately landed on this solid gold hydrangea ring — a design that the North Carolina-based designer carved herself from wax. So sweet!

Shop Mary John on Etsy

Mary John Hydrangea Blossom Flower Ring, $, available at Etsy

AURate Mini Pyramid Studs

We’re not mad at a pair of delicate 14K gold pyramid studs for $100 — as you can see, they’ll play nice with the rest of your ear candy.

Shop AURate

Aurate Mini Pyramid Studs, $, available at Aurate

Ice On Fire Solid Gold Initial Pendant

One of our favorite hacks for spending less coin on fine jewelry is to purchase a precious pendant and string it on an existing chain. Now that we’ve saved all that money, we’re definitely splurging one or more of these delicious bubble-letter alphabet pendants — each is solid 10K gold studded with cubic zirconia.

Shop fine jewelry on Amazon

Ice on Fire Solid Gold Bubble Initial Pendant, $, available at Amazon

Merewif Joyful Eyes Earring

A brilliant emerald nestled in a unique setting — and flanked by two mini diamonds — gives this 10K gold ring a mystical appearance.

Shop Local Eclectic

Merwif Joyful Eyes Ring with Emerald, $, available at Local Eclectic

The Last Line Double Sphere Drop Earrings

This single, lengthy drop earring makes the perfect anchor for an asymmetrical assortment of earrings.

Shop The Last Line

The Last Line Double Gold Sphere Drop Earrings, $, available at The Last Line

Infinity Cowrie Shell Necklace

This organic, convertible necklace is adorned with two gilded cowrie shells — mollusks that were once traded as currency in West Africa. Now, the shell is regarded as a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and designer Ashley MacFarlane offers a delicate homage in two under-$200 options: gold vermeil or sterling silver.

Shop OmiWoods on Etsy

OmiWoods Cowrie Infinity Necklace, $, available at Etsy

Pamela Love Sterling Silver Dome Ring

We’ve been fans of Pamela Love’s sculptural designs for years, and the designer hasn’t stopped turning out cool and affordable creations like this large-scale silver dome ring.

Shop Pamela Love

Pamela Love Dome Ring, $, available at Pamela Love

Stone & Strand Single Alphabet Earring

These individual diamond-studded 14K gold letter earrings from Stone and Strand are surprisingly hefty, given their competitive cost.

Shop Stone & Strand

Stone and Strand Alphabet 14-karat gold diamond single earring, $, available at Net-A-Porter

Allegro Gold Double Moon Necklace

Doubling up on your fine finds is never a bad thing — at less than $150, this 14K gold necklace holds a lot of bang for your buck.

Shop Allegro Gold on Etsy

Allegro Gold 14K Gold Double Moon Necklace, $, available at Etsy

Erica Weiner Acrostic Alphabet Stud

Erica Weiner’s single acrostic earrings can be customized with 26 different gems, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Spell out as much or as little as you want.

Shop Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner Acrostic Alphabet Single Stud, $, available at Erica Weiner

Mejuri Diamonds Open Ring

An open ring makes a lovely and unexpected addition to any stack — and Mejuri’s 14K gold and diamond iteration is a supremely affordable option.

Shop Mejuri

Mejuri Diamonds Open Ring, $, available at Mejuri

Catbird Gold Big Hoop Dreams Earrings

A classic pair of affordable gold hoops can be surprisingly hard to find, but Catbird never lets us down in the essentials department.

Shop Catbird

Catbird Big Hoop Dream Earrings, yellow gold, $, available at Catbird

Leigh Miller Sterling Silver and Pearl Earrings

It’s rare that precious jewelry gets marked down, but it does happen once in a blue moon. That’s why we always keep on eye on the sale section on sites like Net-a-Porter, to see if any of our wish-listed baubles have made the cut.

Shop jewelry on sale at Net-A-Porter

Leigh Miller Sterling Silver and Pearl Earrings, $, available at Net-A-Porter

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