Toxic relationship beliefs that will never end up in a good way

Whether we are in a long-term or a short-term relationship, we have expectations and beliefs that can sometimes enhance or ruin our relationships in many ways. While for some of us, these relationship values may work to a fine extent, for others, it may just turn out to be the worst and the most toxic aspect of their love – life. It is only a matter of time that one realizes how wrong they were about their partners or their idea of a strong connection. That being said.

Here are some of the toxic relationship beliefs that will never end up in a good way:

01/ Compromising is the key to a healthy relationship

One of the most basic beliefs in any relationship is that for a relationship to survive, one must learn to compromise. While many people swear by it, but it is completely toxic to do so. Compromising and understanding are two opposites that may seem the same but differ in many ways. While understanding your partner pertains to certain situations, compromising may lead to a lifetime of being taken for granted and being miserable.

02/ Your partner should always have your back, no matter what

Not really! As a human you are doomed to err and if you expect your partner to support you and stand by you even when you are at grave fault, then your expectations are highly toxic. It is crucial that your relationship does not rely on such expectations and you must give your partner to decide when and why to support you.

03/ Your partner is the only source of your happiness

Never let your happiness be bound by your relationship with other people, even if it is your partner. You happiness is always guaranteed by you yourself and the fact that you give all credit to your partner will make you feel terrible if and when the relationship comes to an end.

04/ In the end, everything will fall into place

There will never be a happy ending, if you rely too much on the idea itself. To have a healthy and a strong relationship, you must work towards it, communicate with your partner, rather than just believing it will be fine in the end.

05/ Your partner should know what you want before you say it out loud

While you may believe so, until and unless your partner can read your mind, they surely wouldn’t know what you want, if you don’t express it. There may be subtle signs that you can share with them, which they might pick up, but expecting them to fully understand you is absolutely bizarre.

06/ Disagreements and conflicts will ruin your relationship

As a matter of fact, it is the silence and sycophancy that will ruin your relationship rather than disagreements and conflicts. Having a contradictory opinion or not agreeing with your partner will enhance your relationship in understanding each other better. May be this can also be a productive step towards building a more intellectual relationship between the two of you.

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