Ways your colleague could be sabotaging your career

Competition and contention can lead to many unnecessary situations at a workplace. While some are open to challenges and will publicly contest for their position in the office, others will transform themselves into the perfect ‘frenemies’. Not only will they become your best work buddies, but will also make sure that you lag behind in every step of your career. These type of friends-cum-enemies can work in mysterious ways and will keep you completely unaware of their highly wicked ways of working. Well, to find out if you’re in the company of such sly and sneaky “work-friends”, here are some of the ways they could be sabotaging your career.

01/ Although they seem fun, they’re only distracting you from work

While at work, we make many friends and it’s always nice to have people around at our workplace, especially someone with whom you can share your workload with. However, not everyone has your back. Sometimes, your work-buddies engage you in unnecessary conversations and activities that has nothing to do with your job. It in turn makes you fall behind at work and stops you from meeting your targets at the end of the day.

02/ They’ll praise you for your ideas but will also steal them

Some colleagues are just sly and sneaky. On the one hand, they’ll commend you for your ideas and praise you enough to make you reach cloud 9, while on the other hand, they’ll take all the credit for your ideas. They’ll publicize it to the point that you may not even be able to claim your own ideas, which can be highly annoying.

03/ They’ll gossip with you but will make your opinion public to others

One of the slyest streak in a sneaky colleague is that they’ll talk ill of everyone at work with you, but at the end of the day, only what you said will be the talk of the town. This can do heavy damage to your work and your career, as sometimes, your boss seems to be the talk of the discussion.

04/ They’ll pretend they missed you out of important mails and meetings

When it comes to work, being in loop with everything is extremely important. Whether it’s an invite to an important meeting or a crucial email thread, missing out on any of it can be extremely damaging in many ways. That being said, sometimes, your friends at work may deliberately keep you out of it and on being questioned, they might pretend to have missed you out, which can be quite suspicious.

05/ While they may be friendly on face, they’ll actually be lying about you to your bosses and colleagues

Your friendly work colleagues may seem like the nicest people at face value, but if you ever feel you’re being picked on by your boss a bit too often, you might want to check up on your so-called work-friends. Many times, it just so happens that your friendly and chatty work colleagues are extremely nice to you, but behind your back, they’re lying about you and your work to your other colleagues and bosses, which can cause serious damage to your career.

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