We Filtered Out Top-Rated Face Masks For Every Occasion

Back in March, it was tough to anticipate what life would be like sequestered in our homes under shelter-in-place restrictions. Now, fast forward to the five-month mark of quarantine where everything from our Zoom-relegated social interactions to our WFH-office setups feels routine. And while there’s still much uncertainty in our midst, we do know a lot more about concepts that once felt entirely foreign to us — like, for starters, non-medical face masks.

After the CDC released a statement in April recommending that all Americans wear face masks in public, we grew savvier about shopping for the protective layers that once drummed up so much confusion. We not only consider masks (or bandanas, gaiters, improvised scarves, etc.) as everyday essentials now, but we've also developed preferences for the styles that best suit our face shapes and lifestyles. But even the most informed mask shoppers can still feel overwhelmed by the dizzying selection from brands and designers that have suddenly started crafting the coverings. So, we did what we always do when attempting to suss out the good from the bad: we read the reviews.

Ahead, find the fruits of our painstaking internet sleuthing on which protective cloths landed most frequently in customer’s carts with positive praise. Whether you’re in the market for a pillowy soft iteration made from OEKO-TEX certified cotton, a light-catching and mood-lifting metallic model, or the mask that a pregnant woman found SO comfortable that she wore it while giving birth, there’s a top-rated option for you on this list.

COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic. Go to the CDC website for the latest information on symptoms, prevention, and other resources.

We’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. 

Los Angeles Apparel Face Mask

Best Neck-Tie Mask
Are you an ear-looper, or a neck-tie kinda gal? Many mask wearers don’t like the feeling of elastic tugging on their lobes and opt instead for adjustable ribbons that tie at the back of the skull. This type will also hang out on your neck when you’re not using it — rather than dangling awkwardly from one ear like the looped kind.

The Hype: 4.9 out of 5 stars and 6,278 reviews on LosAngelesApparel.net

What They’re Saying: “I've been wearing these masks for a couple of months now, and I prefer them to others I've tried. Especially as a glasses-wearer, I like that the straps on these loop behind my head and neck, rather than my ears. It also makes it easy to have it around my neck, ready for wear, even when I don't need it on at that moment, such as while driving. The band at the top forms to my face quite well, and I don't have nearly as much problem with my glasses fogging as with other styles.” – Ryan B., LosAngelesApparel.net reviewer

Los Angeles Apparel Face Mask (Pack of 3), $, available at Los Angeles Apparel

Caraa Universal Mask

Best Pleated Mask
More than one reviewer admitted to trying different kinds of masks and finding Caraa’s masks to be the best. Customers love the stylish, sturdy-but-lightweight fabrication of the New York-based brand’s pleated face coverings.

The Hype: 4.9 out of 5 stars and 508 reviews on CaraaSport.com

What They’re Saying: “I LOVE these masks. They are large enough to easily cover my mouth and nose without being too tight. They are breathable, but also a stable material that does not seem likely to tear in the wash. And they are simple and stylish. I get a compliment about these masks whenever I wear them. They are my go-to face coverings now!” – Katherine C., CaraaSport.com reviewer

caraa Universal Masks (5 Pack), $, available at caraa

Rent The Runway Reusable Masks

Best All-Cotton Mask

The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 12 reviews on RentTheRunway.com

What They’re Saying: “I got my 5 pack extremely quickly. I was very impressed by the quality and the designs were neutral enough for my boyfriend and me to share a pack. I was having a lot of skin problems from other masks rubbing, particularly when running. These masks are 100% cotton and have been a huge relief to my skin. Thank you RTR for pivoting and providing this service.” – Rebecca, RentTheRunway.com reviewer

Rent The Runway Reusable Masks (Buy 5, Give 5), $, available at Rent The Runway

Idyllic Care Tie-Dye Face Mask

Best Tie-Dye Mask
We want all tie-dye everything in 2020 — loungewear, button-downs, socks, you name it! — and our face coverings are no exception. Reviewers describe this pretty ombre mask as soft, comfortable, and, most importantly, cute. (We couldn’t resist showcasing this reviewer’s tie-on-dye look.)

The Hype: 5 out of 5 stars and 471 reviews on Etsy.com

What They’re Saying: “Super thin and breathable, and super cute and soft. This is the first cloth mask I’ve found that doesn’t gap anywhere or pull hard on my ears, and it doesn’t ride up on my nose or steam up my glasses. So happy with this purchase!” – Victoria, Etsy.com reviewer

Idyllic Care Pastel Tie-Dye Face Mask, $, available at Etsy

Summersalt Face Coverings

Best Workhorse Mask
If you’re going to tackle a task that requires serious endurance and focus — say, for example, giving birth (!), like the reviewer below — your mask needs to be lightweight, comfortable, and very breathable. Customer Samantha A. put Summersalt’s face covering to the ultimate test, and it passed with flying colors.

The Hype: 4.9 out of 5 stars and 296 reviews on Summersalt.com

What They’re Saying: “I bought these masks, as I was an expecting mom who had to wear a mask into the delivery room. I bought SEVERAL masks to make sure I had the most comfortable one I could find knowing I would be wearing it most likely while having contractions. This would definitely be the case. We got to the hospital with contractions at 3 minutes apart, and I had to wear my mask through the ER and to the delivery room. Being able to adjust the mask for comfort and the great material, I never felt like I was gasping for the breath or couldn't breathe. If I can wear this mask at the height of labor, you can wear it to the grocery store. WEAR A MASK!” – Samantha A., Summersalt.com reviewer

Summersalt Face Coverings (Pack of 3), $, available at Summersalt

Parachute Home Face Masks

Best Soft-Fabric Mask
We wouldn’t expect anything less than a pillowy soft mask from luxe-linens label Parachute. Made from the brand’s leftover Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton fabric, these face coverings have reviewers praising their sublime hand-feel.

The Hype: 5 out of 5 stars and 29 reviews on ParachuteHome.comWhat They’re Saying: “I’ve purchased a few items from Parachute for our home and love the quality so when I saw they offered face masks I knew they would not disappoint. I missed out the first time they were offered and quickly ordered them the second time they were back in stock. Now I know face masks are nothing to be excited about but of all the face masks I’ve tried and purchased so far these are my favorite. The ties stay tied, the mask fits well, it’s super soft, and now that I’ve laundered them, they hold up well too! I would definitely purchase again but with 5 masks, (actually, 4 as I reluctantly parted with one to my husband) I should be good. I’m looking forward to the day when I can walk into a store sporting bright red lipstick but until then I’ll be wearing one of these!” – Laura F., ParachuteHome.com reviewer

Parachute Home Face Face Masks (Pack of 5), $, available at Parachute Home

Pearl Boba Tea Face Mask

Best “Kawaii” Mask
Despite this mask’s sweet appearance, reviewers found it to be tough as nails, with a thick layer of fabric and a large area for face covering, making it better for bigger faces and mask-wearers that need an impenetrable barrier. The best thing about this boba-tea printed mask, however, is its sky-high cuteness levels. And if boba isn’t your thing, not to worry — you can opt for an avocadopotato, or Sriracha print.

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars and 76 reviews on Smoko.com

What They’re Saying: “Got this for my girlfriend to protect herself since shes a bobarista working while in this pandemic. it's perfect!” – Mariele D., Smoko.com reviewer

Smoko Pearl Boba Tea Face Mask 😷, $, available at Smoko

Heroine Sport Metallic Face Mask

Best Fashion Mask
COVID-19 got you down? Yeah, us too. For anyone who believes in the healing power of fashion, however, Heroine Sport’s shimmering masks may offer some solace. You may not be hitting the club anytime soon, but you can channel your festive energy with these face coverings.

The Hype: 4.9 out of 5 stars and 10 reviews on SaksFifthAvenue.com

What They’re Saying: “It’s so upsetting to have to wear masks everywhere we go now but when I put these on and they match all of my outfits, it makes coping with the situation a lot easier. The mask is very comfortable and it’s also stylish and fits my face perfectly. You can even add a filter to it if you want. I get so many compliments on them. If they made them in more colors, I would buy those too.” – Cindy S., SaksFifthAvenue.com reviewer

Heroine Sport 3-Piece Metallic Cloth Face Covering Set, $, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Brave New Look Protective Face Mask

Best Breathable Mask
The sporty and the sweaty among us are always on the hunt for the most feather-weight mask that money can buy — and this top-rated cotton-spandex face covering may offer the best combination of flexible comfort and breathability. 

The Hype: 5 out of 5 stars and 607 reviews on BraveNewLook.com

What They’re Saying: “We looked long and hard for a mask that was breathable to get through our steamy summer. These are great — breathes nicely, fit well, look good. Going to get more for the rest of the family!” — Lauren, BraveNewLook.com reviewer

Brave New Look Protective Face Mask with PM 2.5 Filter, $, available at Brave New Look

Reebok Face Covers

Best Workout Mask
Need to sweat-wick in eco-friendly style? Not only are Reebok’s masks workout-friendly but they’re also made from 93% recycled polyester.

The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars and 578 reviews on Reebok.com

Lightweight and breathable. I gave my karate instructor one and she said it was the most breathable mask has had used so far.” – COJ9, Reebok.com reviewer

Reebok Face Covers (Pack of 3), $, available at Reebok

Hammacher Schlemmer Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask

Best Antibacterial Mask
Hammacher Schlemmer’s high-tech mask is so advanced it practically has its own weather system. With a cooling nylon/polyester blend fabrication and — wait for it — antibacterial silver nanoparticles, this mask is straight out of a science fiction novel. But a fairytale it isn’t: reviewer found the mask to be as cool and funk-free as promised.

The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars and 64 reviews on HammacherSchlemmer.com

What They’re Saying: “I got this mask for the cooling fabric and also the ability to use a filter (included). I needed to be able to wear it in the heat of GA and FL and also use it on flights. I've now had it for a month. Have worn on multiple flights and it's comfortable and I feel safe. I got them for both my daughters — one in FL and one in TX. I use it both without the filter when I'm outside in the heat and also with the filter when I spend extended time inside. I'm super happy with this purchase and recommend if you are in a warm climate. And, of course, you can breathe fully through it — with or without the filter your breathing is not impeded.”  – Jen, HammacherSchlemmer.com reviewer

Hammacher Schlemmer The Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask, $, available at Hammacher Schlemmer

Athleta Everyday Non-Medical Masks

Best Family Pack Mask
With an array of muted, gender-neutral tones and an adjustable fit, Athleta’s five-pack of breathable masks is fun for the whole family. Numerous reviewers cited clan-wide approval of the affordable face coverings.

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars and 3,722 reviews on Athleta.com

What They’re Saying: “Just perfect!
Oh, my word. These are the best masks out there! They somehow fit me (5’4”), my husband (6’2”), and my 9-year-old son!!! They’re almost silky fabrics, have a wire inside to conform to your nose, soft elastic, great adjusting devices on both ears so the elastic fits various face sizes, and great colors that go with everything. A win everywhere!” – LMCD, Athleta.com reviewer

Athleta Everyday Non Medical Masks (Pack of 5), $, available at Athleta

Nordstrom Adult Face Masks In Assorted Colors

Best Adjustable Mask
Customers who have to mask up for long hours appreciate the adjustable, convertible ear straps on Nordstrom’s simple, affordable face coverings.

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars and 64 reviews on Nordstrom.com

What They’re Saying: “I love this mask. You have the options to tie it around your head over your ear (which is better) or ear loop it. As a front liner I developed redness at the back of my ear wearing masks all the time. At least before I go to work my ears are not sore due to looping the face masks. Thank you so much. Can you please make more designs???” – jhetski, Nordstrom.com reviewer

Nordstrom Adult Face Masks in Assorted Colors (Pack of 4), $, available at Nordstrom

Hope Love Shine Stylish Cotton Face Masks

Best Assorted Mask
Roll the dice with this five-pack of top-rated masks — customers will receive a surprise assortment of four sweet prints and solid color. We could see these being a fun party favor option for your micro-wedding or hyper-intimate birthday dinner.

The Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars and 152 reviews on Amazon

What They’re Saying: “I am very happy with the colors I received. They are well-made masks, with good solid stitching. My biggest like is that they have pockets for filters. These masks wash and wear well so they get a big 👍 in every area from me. Also I appreciate the customer service from this company as I reached out to them and they responded quickly. My masks got here in a short amount of time, so I'm a very happy customer!” – Rose, Amazon reviewer

Hope Love Shine Stylish Cotton Face Masks (Pack of 5), $, available at Amazon

Gildan Reusable 3-Layer Cotton Face Mask

Best Basic Mask
From the makers of heavy-duty, sporty cotton separates comes the most pared-down mask on the market, with an interior cotton layer that will keep skin happy. If you’re a fan of the LBD or the plain black tee, this mask is for you. The 24-pack also offers serious bang for your buck, so they’re a great buy for a larger group.

The Hype: 4.3 out of 5 stars and 737 reviews on Amazon

What They’re Saying: “Well made and comfortable/secure for occupational wear. The price is unbelievable for these well-made masks. They are professional-grade durable material on the outside but soft cotton inside. These not only fulfill masking requirements but being triple-layer and tightly woven fabric I feel they are very effective.” – value_quest, Amazon.com reviewer

Gildan Reusable 3-Layer Cotton Face Mask (Pack of 24), $, available at Amazon

Aerie Reusable Face Mask

Best Small-Face Mask
For our smaller-visaged sisters who feel overwhelmed by the standard proportions of an off-the-rack mask, Aerie’s iteration offers a smaller footprint and lighter-weight fabrication.

The Hype: 4.2 out of 4 stars and 21 reviews on AE.com

What They Are Saying: “These masks are the perfect coverage for a females face, I like how they are a bit smaller and thinner than some other cloth masks I've tried. They are adjustable behind the ears so it ensures a perfect fit, I wear these whenever I go out now, thanks AE for making COVID-wear fashionable!” – Car Crazy Cutie, AE.com reviewer

AE Reusable Face Mask (Pack of 3), $, available at American Eagle Outfitters

Adidas Face Covers

Best Sweat-Wicking Mask

The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars and 8,254 reviews on Adidas

What They’re Saying: “TKTK” – TK, Adidas reviewer

Adidas FACE COVERS XS/S 3-PACK, $, available at Adidas

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