WFH survey: 66% feel their work productivity has gone up

Not long ago, we held a poll in order to get a collective and a clear picture of what people actually thought about their work from home experience. Surprisingly, we received a mixture of opposing responses. While some were highly expected, others just took us by surprise. 600 people participated in the work poll and here are some of the responses we’d like to share with you.

- Surely we all have used our office commute to prep for our day at work, which is only natural if we have an important meeting or a grand presentation. However, while 52% people believe the same and feel that their office commute gave them the time to prepare for their work, there are 48% who don’t seem to be affected by it.

- There was a huge margin between people who actually missed their time with their colleagues and those who don’t. 78% of the people seem nostalgic about their coffee breaks with their work-buddies, while the remaining percentage feels the same without it.

- One of the most negative effects of Work From Home can be the inability to disengage with work and as per the polls over 66% of people believe it to be true.

- Surprisingly, according to the polls, about 66% of the people feel that their productivity in their area of expertise has increased during work from home. Probably it is the feel-good comfort of their homes that continues to nourish the mind and build up the enthusiasm.

- When it comes to Work From Home, there’s a thin line between people who believe they can maintain a balance between their professional and personal life and those who don’t. While 55% people think they can, the other 45% feel it hard to manage their time between work and life.

- Considering, people have different opinions on their Work From Home experience, we also asked people how they’d like to function in the long run i.e. how often would they like to work from home. 

While most people opted to work thrice a week from home, just a few percent were supportive of working from home.

from LifeStyle
WFH survey: 66% feel their work productivity has gone up WFH survey: 66% feel their work productivity has gone up Reviewed by streakoggi on August 25, 2020 Rating: 5
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