4 Ways We’d Wear The New Vampire’s Wife x H&M Collab

 Maybe it’s just us, but a certain tipping point approximately 1.5 months ago, we began to miss dressing up — sorely. Luckily, the highly anticipated collaboration between The Vampire’s Wife and H&M is here with a major dose of the glamour and drama we’ve been longing for.

Launching October 22, the tightly edited collection contains a dreamy, feminine range of ruffly, beribboned, wing-sleeved pieces, all under $70. Ahead, we’ve put together four spooky/kooky looks that make the most of the range’s powerful silhouettes and dark elegance.

Together, a floor-sweeping openwork gown, fingerless lace gloves, and rich-widow sunglasses inspire shock and awe — and convey a thematically appropriate witchy spirit, pitch-perfect on the spookiest night of the year, if you’re so inclined.

We’re going to level with you: getting your mitts on this collaboration won’t be a walk in the park. But if you have got speedy clicking fingers, why not enjoy the spoils of your labor? Be an unabashed fan by wearing a branded T-shirt, ruffled collar, and lace-print tote all at once.

What to wear, if you, like this editor, are celebrating another turn around the sun soon? Our answer: “creative black tie,” with a matching minidress and bow-closure cape in shimmery lace, and a charm to ward off the evil eye.

For feeling your own power with an added dose of good luck, we’ve paired a sharp-shouldered dress and heaps of amulets, including nazars, ladybugs, and a miniature envelope for holding love letters, affirmations, etc.

from refinery29
4 Ways We’d Wear The New Vampire’s Wife x H&M Collab 4 Ways We’d Wear The New Vampire’s Wife x H&M Collab Reviewed by streakoggi on October 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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