5 lifestyle changes to prevent

Hair loss can traumatic for anyone, regardless of gender. It is an experience everyone wishes they could avoid. While there is no instant remedy for hair loss, but a lot of daily lifestyle habits can lead to more hair fall. Other causes of hair loss can be medical conditions, hormonal changes and even genetics. However, a healthy lifestyle like a clean diet and reducing stress can help in reducing hair loss. Here are a few ways you can prevent hair thinning:

01/ Change your diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is crucial to slow down hair loss. Make sure to amp up your protein intake and engage in regular exercise to improve your hair health. Foods like meat, fish, nuts, berries and green leafy vegetables should be included in your daily diet. To supplement your hair growth and reverse hair loss consider taking multivitamins like biotin, vitamin A and B and beta-carotene in consultation with your doctor.

02/ Quit smoking

Smoking as a habit not only triggers hair loss but also damages your overall health. The most effective way to avoid further health problems would be to quit smoking altogether. Studies show that smoking damages the DNA of the hair follicles and disrupts hair growth. Kicking the butt would help curb hair loss to a great extend.

03/ ​Wear a hat when stepping outside

This fact might take you by surprise but the sun’s UV rays can also damage your hair. Overexposure to the UV radiation damages and weakens the proteins in hair. The protein is essential for hair growth and affects the overall quality of your hair in the long run. Using a hat to prevent the sun can be a wise way to spend your day outside.

04/ R​educe stress

Stress has been identified as one of the major causes of many health problems, including hair fall. Stress can induce hair loss and disrupts the hair from entering a new growth cycle. To curb stress-related hair fall, try to reduce stress and indulge in regular exercise and meditation.

05/ Avoid over styling

Excessive use of styling tools has serious and damaging effects on hair follicles. Extreme use of hair styling tools like blow-dryers and straightening irons can easily damage the locks and also weaken the roots. Regular and over-use of these tools can affect hair growth, making the tresses weaker and thinner. One should try to limit the use of heat-styling tools and use with necessary precautions.

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